Ex Demo stuff.. basically we've had a play with these e-skateboards and e-scooters to test and review them, then when we've done we can sell them on at a massive discount.. Like new, but a tiny bit of wear and tear..

We test virtually everything that comes through our shop.. so we can review the items and ensure they give the best ride for the money..Get your hands on some real bargains… quick before they’ve gone..

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  • KOOWHEEL Smart Self Balancing Electric Hovershoes (Ex Demo)

    KOOWHEEL Smart Self Balancing Electric Hovershoes Ex Demo Shoes.. used ...
  • Mini Board (Ex Demo)

    A Brilliant little skateboard, and surprisingly high on the performance.. ...
  • Smart-E Hoverboard (Ex Demo)

    It's easy to see why this Zinc Smart E hoverboard ...
  • save offTNE Q4-V3 Super 1000w 18Ah Electric Scooter (Ex-Demo)

    £1,099.00 £730.00
    The TNE Q4-V3 with an incredible 1000w Electric Scooter its ...
  • save offTNE Venus Super Style Scooter (Last One, Shop Display)

    £679.00 £499.00
    Brand New for 2020, 2021.. The Electric Scooter from TNE ...

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